JWOC 2009


Official Training Week

Training Week Programme


The first official training periods will be offered during summer 2008 - autumn 2008, and a third one a week before the JWOC event.

There will also be possibilities for training at other dates. The costs dipends on accomodation's standard and on period.

Accommodation will be located in hotels near the JWOC 2009 Event Centre.

A complete package including accommodation, meals and training maps with control posts will be offered on request.

Other accommodations such as Club House (Passo Cereda - into one Training Map) 7km far the Event Centre in Fiera di Primiero. as youth hostels or tourist flats can be organized on request.

Along the suggested courses are placed orange coloured wooden sticks (without flags). Maps 1,50 € each.

On request, trainings with flags and SportIdent will be organized; price will be 2,50 € each.

The following training maps will preliminary be offered:

#MapYearScaleDistance from E.C.Relevance for distance
1Passo Cereda20061:10 0007 kmrelay, middle
2Dismoni20061:10 0007 kmlong, relay, middle
3Calaita20051:10 00010 kmlong, relay, middle
4Caltena20051:10-15 0003 kmrelay, middle
5Valpiana20041:10 0007 kmmiddle
6Piereni20061:10 0007 kmrelay
7San Martino South20081:10 00012 kmmiddle, long
8Tonadico20081:4.0001,5 kmsprint
9Siror20081:4.0003 kmsprint
10Bellamonte20031:10 00030 kmlong, middle
11Fiera20091:4.0000 kmsprint

Passo Cereda Middle_1
Passo Cereda Long_1 part1
Passo Cereda Long_1 part2
Passo Cereda all controls

Dismoni Middle_1
Dismoni One-Man Relay 1 NEW
Dismoni One-Man Relay 2 NEW
Dismoni One-Man Relay 3 NEW
Dismoni One-Man Relay 4 NEW

Calaita Long_1

Caltena Long_1
Caltena Long Men NEW
Caltena Long Women NEW
Caltena Middle Men NEW
Caltena Middle Women NEW
Caltena Rocks NEW

Valpiana Middle Men NEW

Piereni Relay_1

San Martino South Long_1
San Martino South Middle_1 (for man)
San Martino South Middle_2 (for woman)

Bellamonte Middle_1

Tonadico Sprint_1
Tonadico Sprint_2

Siror Sprint_1
Siror Sprint_2

Fiera NEW

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