JWOC 2009

Saluti Ufficiali / Official Statements

Saluto del Presidente della Provincia Autonoma di Trento

Lorenzo Dellai

It is with great pleasure and gratitude for the promoters and organisers that I give my welcome to the young athletes participating in the JWOC in Primiero.

Big sporting events for which Trentino is a sought-after and prestigious location, are important not only as a tool to promote our region but also to show that with the support of public bodies the opportunities to develop a vast network of volunteers that are our most precious inheritance. The ground of Primiero will be an ideal framework for what will transform into a festival for young sports men and women: the dolomites woods, valleys, alpine lakes, also the hospitality and nature of the people who live in these valleys will be worthy of this event.

Between Trentino and orienteering there exists a union that has found in our mountains, plateaus and many valleys infinite possibilities for courses and races. Orienteering is a sport for those who don’t want to get lost, one in which there are symbolic values: best wishes to the young competitors coming form forty different nations, (not only to avoid getting lost in the competition but also in the course of their lives).

Finally I’m sure that Primiero will remain a happy memory of their youth.  Coming to Trentino also means leaving it with a little regret.
Good luck to all orienteerers!

Saluto del Presidente del Consiglio Regionale Trentino Alto Adige

Marco De Paoli

I am pleased to welcome all the young athletes, their families and those accompanying them. I am sure you will have a wonderful week of sport, nature and above all an enjoyable time.

The JWOC are an occasion to appreciate the beauty of Trentino Alto-Adige and also to introduce many local young people from Trentino to the open air. The Region offers many excellent race venues for this sport, which is also called “the sport of the woods”.

The Dolomites, that extend across this territory, are the best place for this particular sport as athletic prowess unites with the special skills of being able to read the lie of the land, where winning is not just about being good at running in the mountains, but also about understanding how to use ones energy whilst maintaining concentration and keeping the goal clear in ones mind.

Therefore, once again, sport has become a moment of growing up and an important way of educating a lot of young people.

I am therefore confident in saying that the event will be up to expectations and that the combination sport and nature, will give all the competitors and tourists alike the chance of passing pleasurable days in direct contact with the natural beauty of this enchanting valley in Trentino On behalf of the Regional Council of Trentino Alto-Adige and for myself, I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to the organizers of U.S. Primiero San Martino, all the volunteers and people involved in this event who with dedication and passion have committed themselves to ensuring that everything will run smoothly and to the best.

Saluto delll’Assessore all’Agricoltura, Foreste, Turismo e Promozione Provincia Autonoma di Trento

Tiziano Mellarini

As in the case of the Junior World Orienteering Championships, sporting events and their venues are a perfect way to promote a place and talk about its attractions.
As well as the sport, which remains the core of the event with the presence of the interested public, there is also this opportunity of promoting tourism and the territory; a chance not to be lost.

Hosting the best young orienteering competitors in Primiero from the 5 continents, gives us the unique possibility of letting people know even more about our territory. This combination becomes even more important when one realizes that these guests participate in a sport linked to nature, discovering woods and meadows, rivers and mountain torrents.

Being able to run and finding oneself in such a natural framework, becomes a visiting card that we should be proud to present to everyone that is involved in this event. Orienteering at this level demands dedicated and constant training, it is for a few top form specialists, but all the same it is a sport that is interesting and attracts many young people.

The challenge against time, the ruggedness of the terrain, running against oneself, elements that the mountainous environment poses, all offer an especially exciting prospect that will be taken to the highest levels by dedicated athletes in every sense.

In wishing everyone a week in the spirit of competition, fair play and the desire to compete without forgetting the pleasure of fellowship, I would like to give my sincere appreciation to the organizers of U.S. Primiero San Martino and extend thanks to the numerous volunteers that, in this occasion too, operate systematically together, working towards a common goal, to the highest level and quality whilst demonstrating a great love for our territory and its community.

Welcome to the participants and I hope they will have a beneficial and fulfilling time in Trentino, not only with the results in the competition, but also for their personal enrichment in gaining knowledge about our heritage, art and culture.

Saluto dell’Assessore all’Istruzione e Sport Provincia Autonoma di Trento

Marta Dal Maso

Sixteen years after the first Junior World Championships were held in Italy, it’s Trentino’s turn, in particular it’s Primiero, honoured to be the host for the JWOC.

Once again Trentino’s nature will feature, (and not just as a background), in a world sporting event: from 5 to 12 July four hundred of the world’s best junior athletes from over forty different nations will run through the woods, fields, paths and villages of Primiero on a challenge using only a map and compass.

I personally give a special welcome to all the athletes, trainers, organisers, families, spectators and wish them a pleasant stay in Trentino with the chance to experience our culture and traditions. In particular special wishes to all the boys and girls participating in the championships that they may reap the benefits of all their hard training, and of course always respecting their opponents in the spirit of good sportsmanship, despite the prestigious prizes at stake.

Not forgetting all those who will be in Primiero during this time, with the presence of people from so many diverse countries, cultures and traditions, may they embrace the opportunity to get to know and meet new friends.

Finally my thanks to the organising committee and all those involved for their passionate and energetic collaboration that has enabled us to have this important event.

Saluto del Presidente della Comunità di Primiero

Cristiano Trotter

Behalf of the community and local council of Primiero I welcome all the athletes taking part in the 2009 JWOC.

The community welcomes with a sincere warm-heartedness the numerous participants coming from all over the five continents and wishes everyone a very pleasant stay. Primiero, San Martino di Castrozza, Val Canali all welcome you with open arms offering our most precious treasures, the beautiful woods and natural surroundings which ideally suit the disciplines of this sport fully integrating with nature and respect for the environment.

I’m certain everyone participating in this important event will appreciate the beautiful locations, excellent courses and the service available to the athletes, families and visitors. To those who put themselves to the test in the sporting programme I wish them good-luck and may they compete with an athletic spirit linked with friendship and loyalty that the discipline of orienteering teaches.

A heartfelt thank you to the Primiero San Martino Sports Union for their hardwork, professionality an technical preparation’ required to required to organise this event and to all the others who have collaborated. In the realisation of this event I’m sure they will be greatly rewarded and satisfied.
Once again on behalf o the whole community o Primiero we wish you a pleasant stay and goodbye.

Saluto del Presidente Azienda per il Turismo San Martino di Castrozza, Passo Rolle, Primiero e Vanoi

Antonio Stompanato

The tourist office of San Martino, Passo Rolle, Primiero and Vanoi extends a warm welcome to all participating in the JWOC 2009 as well as to all those in the “Five days of the Dolomites” and to their passionate supporters.

It has been a long run-up to two important manifestations and now is the moment for the extraordinary natural beauty of Primiero to take centre stage.
It’s our hope that all guests (both competitors and spectators) discover not only during the races but also in their free time the immense spectacle that the “Pale di San Martino” and surrounding area has to offer; majestic woods, infinite green meadows dotted with “masi” chalet testimony to the ancient traditions linked undoubtedly to the territory.

We thank the organising committee and it’s magnificent team for an ensuing successful event, all collaborators and volunteers who have worked deligently ensuring this manifestation as a wonderful promotional opportunity.

Finally we wish everyone an enjoyable time and above all a pleasant stay during this event, that not only has given us a sense of satisfaction but also a time of festivity for our valley’s guests.

Saluto del Presidente della Federazione Italiana Sport Orientamento (FISO)

Sergio Grifoni

I am proud to welcome so many young orienteering competitors from all over the world. I am sure they will find good terrains, maps and courses, and will have a pleasant recollection of their experience in Trentino, Italy.

Also, thousands of orienteers of all ages will run across the forests and meadows of the Primiero valleys, in the sight of the wonderful “Pale di San Martino”. We, the Italian Orienteering Federation, on behalf of the Organizing Commettee of the JWOC 2009 and the 5 Days of Dolomites, wish to all of you orienteers a pleasant stay and successful competitions.

Saluto del Presidente del Parco Naturale Paneveggio Pale di San Martino

Pierantonio Cordella

We are happy that you have come here as it gives us the opportunity of showing the athletes the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Nature Park which is a special part of Trentino. It is a pleasure for us to impart knowledge about the park to people who love and understand nature, people who know how important conservation areas are for the future world.

Our park is concerned with history, values, natural spaces, knowledge and the community. It is experience, identity, creativity and living nature. You athletes are able to experience the authenticity of nature through this sport. Between the end of the 1800s and the beginnings of the 1900s great travellers and mountaineers from Britain and Germany discovered the Dolomites that have now been nominated recently by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Now it is your turn to discover these extraordinary places.

Nature as well as sport bring nations together and create friendship. I hope you all have a memorable time and an enjoyable stay.

Saluto del Presidente Comitato Trentino del CONI

Giorgio Torgler

Thirty years of orienteering in Trentino co-incedes with two big prestigious International events: the JWOC and contemporarily the “five days of the Dolomites” in which we will see thousands competing.

This sport is becoming evermore popular and therefore an ever growing number of participants in competitions on every level.

It is specific, as it offers possibilities to people at all levels especially families because of it’s qualifying characteristics which is to following the course without errors.

Orienteering is also defined as “The sport of the woods” and therefore becomes a precious testimony for our region Trentino.

This confirming event is another added bonus for Primiero it as a territory that considers sport essential, that once again will demonstrate to guests, athletes and companions.

A heartfelt thank you to all the organisers and those supporting them. A sporting welcome to everyone and may they enjoy the best the Valley of Primiero offers.